• operator: 911, please hold.
  • me: stop murdering me for a sec; we're on hold.
  • murderer: ok
  • 2 months ago


I heard a kid say “I was born in 2003” the other day and he was like “I’m 11” it fucked me up… aren’t kids born in 2003 only supposed to be like 4 years old not going into 6th grade

2 months ago


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What if people who have “near death” experiences are stillborn children?
And what if hallucinations were memories from a past life?
What if dreams are our memories from past lives? 
What if Déjà vu is a past life experience that we relive for a moment? 

Holy shit, what if you’re crying when you’re born cause you didn’t want to die from your last life?
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